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Jaipur City, Rajasthan

Photo by TravelCouples / Getty images.

The walled city of Jaipur is the capital of the Indian state of Rajasthan. Founded in 1727, it is one of the first planned cities of modern India, based on the Vastu shastra, a Hindu “science of architecture” inspired by ancient texts. Markets, shops, residences and temples line the streets, which intersect in large public squares called chaupars. One of Jaipur’s notable landmarks is the Hawa Mahal, a palace built in 1799 with a façade covered with windows for royal women residing inside to observe everyday life in the bustling streets below. The palace’s red and pink sandstone gives Jaipur its epithet, the Pink City, which describes the city structures’ distinctive color palette. 

—Prepared by the World Tribune staff

January 19, 2024, World Tribune, p. 12

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