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The Pride of Studying Buddhism Directly Connected to Nichiren Daishonin

Toward a Hope-filled Future With the Daishonin’s Writings

Photo by Yvonne Ng.

Entering into the relation of teacher and [disciple] is the result of a bond that bridges the three existences. … [The following] golden words cannot possibly be wrong: “Those persons who had heard the Law dwelled here and there in various Buddha lands, constantly reborn in company with their teachers” [see The Lotus Sutra and Its Opening and Closing Sutras, p. 178], and “If one stays close to the teachers of the Law, one will speedily gain the way of enlightenment. By following and learning from these teachers one will see Buddhas as numerous as Ganges sands” [see LSOC, 208].   

“On the Five Seasonal Festivals,” The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, vol. 2, p. 375

Buddhist study in the Soka Gakkai is directly connected to Nichiren
Daishonin, the Buddha of the Latter Day of the Law. Through reading his writings, we come in direct contact with his towering life state, rousing our courage to summon forth the heart of a lion king and strive for kosen-rufu.  

Through steadfast commitment to practice-
oriented Buddhist study, we show actual proof of “putting faith into practice in daily life” and “Buddhism into action in society.” This is the pride and honor of Soka mentors and disciples. 

Let’s support all our noble members who will be taking the upcoming study exams, together expanding our life state and good fortune, and spreading throughout the world the great light of Nichiren Buddhism, a religion for the happiness of all people!

From the Sept. 9, 2023, issue of the Soka Gakkai’s daily newspaper, Seikyo Shimbun.

October 20, 2023, World Tribune, p. 3

Be Champions of Kosen-rufu!

Showing Our Deepest Respect to Our Many Treasures Group Members