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The ‘Great Appreciation’ Campaign

Beacon for global peace—Members gather for the grand opening of the SGI Guam Ikeda Peace and Culture Center, Tamuning, Guam, January 2023. Photo by Yvonne Ng.

To our wonderful SGI-USA members,

As I was thinking how best to express tremendous gratitude to each contributor to the May Commemorative Contribution activity, I received a beautifully timed message from a wonderful kosen-rufu pioneer now living in the South, with whom I have had the privilege of practicing with in my hometown of New York many years ago. 

She said: “Why not rename the May Contribution period as the ‘Great Appreciation’ campaign from now on?”

After chanting about this idea, I came to two conclusions:

1) While all of you, the sincere members of SGI-USA, express appreciation and determination for kosen-rufu through your selfless contributions, it is the SGI leaders who should be expressing the “greatest appreciation” of all, for everyone’s stalwart support.

2) In the broadest sense, as general director, my personal “great appreciation” campaign is 24/7, 365 days per year, continuously.

Ikeda Sensei has shared over and over about the importance of appreciation to living a happy life, as a Buddhist, but even more so, as a human being. Specifically, he has said:

Those who have a sense of appreciation and gratitude are loved and trusted by everyone and lead lives of tremendous fulfillment and satisfaction. … It is clear that the inner radiance of those who embody true gratitude will imbue their lives with indestructible good fortune and benefit throughout the three existences. (Learning From Nichiren’s Writings: The Teachings for Victory, vol. 4, p. 28)

As an undercurrent of economic uncertainty continues, I have no doubt that it was quite challenging for many people to take part in May Contribution this year. Thanks so very much again.

At the same time, please have total confidence: Your commitment to support the world’s greatest movement for encouraging and supporting ordinary people will surely turn into tremendous fortune, for yourself, your family and your community as well! Thank you once again!

With utmost appreciation, 

Adin Strauss
SGI-USA General Director

June 9, 2023, World Tribune, p. 4

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