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Soka 2030 Chanting Is Back!

The SGI-USA relaunches one-hour chanting sessions on Sunday mornings.

Years from now, March 12, 2023, may be footnoted as an important if not understated milestone in our kosen-rufu movement. It marked the first time in three years that members could chant one hour of daimoku together at SGI-USA Buddhist centers as the first in-person weekly Soka 2030 meetings were held across the country.

During the isolation of the pandemic, the weekly Soka 2030 meetings became a critical platform for members and guests to gather by Zoom for study and faith encouragement, and to plug into our activity focus centered on the spirit of propagation.

While members were encouraged to chant one hour at their respective homes before the virtual Soka 2030 meetings, the return of the in-person meeting has reaffirmed its essential purpose—as a place for us to unite through daimoku and move our kosen-rufu movement forward.

For locations that cannot gather in person, a weekly virtual Soka 2030 encouragement meeting will continue to be held.

For more information on the time and location of your Soka 2030 meeting, please contact your local leaders. Join us in person to chant for the peace of the land and the world!

April 7, 2023, World Tribune, p. 4

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