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SGI-USA Focus for 2023

Photo by Nicole Walter.


Ages 34 and over

The women will celebrate February, women’s month, by inviting our guests to experience the warmth of the Soka family at our February discussion meetings. Leading up to the discussion meetings, we will conduct heart-to-heart orchid-room dialogues/home visits with our friends, family and guests, and spread hope in our local communities. We will bring and use the World Tribune and Living Buddhism as sources of encouragement for these dialogues.

On Saturday June 10, the 72nd anniversary of the women’s division, we will participate in a united prayer campaign for the happiness and peace of the land. Each of us will challenge ourselves to do gongyo and chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo for 1 hour between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m. from our own homes. 

The America Victory Daimoku group (open to all women and young women) will continue throughout the year, as will the monthly Sophia Group study meetings. The Sophia Group, open to all women’s division members and guests, will study volume 30 of The New Human Revolution

Photo by Kevin Lyden.


Ages 34 and over

The men will unite with the other divisions to promote the propagation of SGI Nichiren Buddhism by planting seeds of Buddhahood and encouraging new members, each challenging ourselves to personally support one friend to begin their Buddhist practice this year.

We will base ourselves on a powerful daily practice (gongyo and daimoku), praying for the peace of the land and the victory and well-being of our families, friends and colleagues.

We will strive to live in accord with the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin and the guidance and encouragement of Ikeda Sensei, focusing on studying our World Tribune and Living Buddhism. We will actively promote the SGI-USA publications and use them as vital sources of nourishment in faith. Study will play a major role in the following activities:

Monthly Kings of Soka meetings

Courage Group activities

August Men’s Commemorative General Meetings

Security and Safety Group support

We will continue the “Leave No Man or Young Man Behind” campaign, focusing on care for each man and young man. 

We will help build a united and joyful Soka family, with the awareness that the shared struggle of mentor and disciple is the key to success, joy, happiness, prosperity, great health and safety.

Photo by Jolie Tea-Taniguchi.


Ages 18–34

The young women will support the continued growth of the districts and lead the way in youth propagation. The main activities for next year include: 1) winning in the district;
2) Byakuren training; 3) Kayo-kai Core training groups and 4) Ikeda Kayo-kai meetings. 

We will make the district the core of our activities. 

The Byakuren Group will be a training ground for raising capable young women and nonbinary youth who have the spirit to protect the people on behalf of our mentor. 

The Kayo-kai Core training groups will continue, with a focus on studying The Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra. Further details will be shared locally. 

Kayo-kai meetings will be held on a quarterly basis, open to all young women and nonbinary members and guests. 

We will also promote the Ikeda Wisdom Academy study for district through national youth leaders, the development of the Ikeda Youth Ensemble performing groups and support the growth and advancement of the student and future divisions. 

Photo by Allen Zaki.


Ages 18–34

The young men will stand up and take full responsibility for kosen-rufu in America by:

uniting to promote publications, discussion meeting attendance and propagation efforts on the front lines of our organization. 

building camaraderie and lifelong friendships through the monthly young men’s division general meetings held every second Sunday, open to all young men and nonbinary members and guests ages 13–34.

promoting Soka Group and Gajokai activities to support in-person meetings and holding bimonthly meetings for members of these training groups. 

raising capable successors rooted in the oneness of mentor and disciple through the YMD Academy, where young men will study The New Human Revolution and conduct Soka Group and Gajokai shifts for 12 months as part of their training. 

promoting the Ikeda Youth Ensemble training group for powerful Brass Band and Jazz Band performances at kosen-rufu gongyo meetings. 

In April, graduations for the current YMD Academy class will take place along with the induction of the new class. 

In July, commemorative meetings will be held to celebrate the founding of the young men’s division. 

In August, we will unite with the four divisions to create the most historic summer propagation campaign in SGI-USA history.  

Jan.1, 2023, World Tribune, p. 8

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