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Realizing ‘Genuine Peace and Security in This Existence’

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“Realize that the time will come when the truth will be revealed that both the person and the Law are unaging and eternal. There cannot be the slightest doubt about the sutra’s promise of ‘peace and security in their present existence.’” (“On Practicing the Buddha’s Teachings,” The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, vol. 1, p. 392)

Ikeda Sensei’s Guidance

That the law is “unaging and eternal” means that the workings of the Mystic Law—which encompass, give rise to and sustain all phenomena—neither decline nor cease to operate. On one level, this could be taken to mean that all things are harmonized and function to create value amid diversity. That the person is “unaging and eternal,” on the other hand, does not mean, of course, that we do not grow old or die; but rather, through faith in the Mystic Law, we can establish a state of life pervaded by the four noble virtues—eternity, happiness, true self and purity. In this state of life, we are neither perturbed nor defeated by the sufferings of aging or death. As Shakyamuni clarified, these sufferings arise from illusion, or ignorance of the true nature of life. In an age when the Mystic Law’s power is freely manifested, people will naturally gain confidence in it and break through ignorance or darkness.

In this way, the struggle for kosen-rufu by those who correctly practice the Buddha’s teachings will give rise to an ideal society in which all people enjoy peace and security in this existence. This goal of peace and security, however, is not to be found merely in some ideal future society. It describes the life state of those who faithfully practice the correct Lotus Sutra teaching with which to realize happiness and actualize a secure and peaceful land. This is clear from the preceding passages that describe Nichiren’s own struggles. His dynamic stance in fighting for kosen-rufu undefeated by hardship is a shining example of genuine peace and security in this existence. (The Teachings for Victory, vol. 2, pp. 14–15)

From the October 2023 Living Buddhism

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