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Q: I often hear people talking about “kosen-rufu.” But what does it mean?

Photo by Adam Perry.

A: Kosen-rufu is the spread of the Mystic Law from one person to another. It is also its spread from ten thousand to fifty thousand. Yet, kosen-rufu is not about numbers. It is a process, an eternal flow. …

Kosen means to widely declare. “Widely” implies speaking out to the world, to an ever-greater number and ever-broader spectrum of people.

“Declare” means to proclaim one’s ideals, principles and philosophy. The ru of rufu means a current like that of a great river. And fu means to spread out like a roll of cloth.

The teaching of the Mystic Law has nothing to do with appearance, form or pride. It flows out freely—to all humanity the world over. Like a cloth unfolding, it spreads out and covers all. So rufu means to flow freely, to reach all.

Just like a cloth, kosen-rufu is woven from vertical and horizontal threads. The vertical threads represent the passing of Nichiren Daishonin’s teaching from mentor to disciple, parent to child, senior to junior. The horizontal threads represent the impartial spread of this teaching, transcending national borders, social classes and all other distinctions.

Simply put, kosen-rufu is the movement to communicate the ultimate way to happiness. To communicate the highest principle of peace to people of all classes and nations through the correct philosophy and teaching of Nichiren Daishonin. …

You can also think of your human revolution as undertaking kosen-rufu in the microcosm of your own world. When many individuals pursue their human revolution, they can advance the kosen-rufu of society as a whole. In other words, kosen-rufu is advanced in direct proportion to the strides we make in our human revolution.

At the same time, when we abandon selfish interests and devote ourselves to kosen-rufu, a movement to lead others to happiness, our human revolution will progress. That is how closely the two are related.

It is wrong to isolate ourselves. Those who unite with caring, supportive seniors in faith, seniors who are sincerely devoted to kosen-rufu, grow by leaps and bounds and make great strides in their human revolution. (Discussions on Youth, pp. 262–64)

November 18, 2023, World Tribune, p. 8

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