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Phase Three of SGI-USA’s Reopening

Photo by Mary D’Elia.

February marks the launch of the third phase of the SGI-USA’s reopening. Hybrid discussion meetings held in person are now open to all members and guests—regardless of vaccination status. The requirement of eight fully vaccinated members and one fully vaccinated district leader has also been lifted. That means the requirements for all hybrid activities—which include Kosen-Rufu Gongyo, Soka Family Day, region study meetings and discussion meetings—will be the same. Districts  unable to meet in person will continue to use Zoom, and no official meetings will be held in members’ homes at this stage. 

Starting in March, Soka 2030 meetings will also be held in person at open centers, welcoming all members and guests regardless of vaccination status. The agenda of in-person Soka 2030 meetings will include a full hour of chanting, along with youth study presentations.

Some guidelines will continue to be observed: Masks are still required for all in-person activities. All Florida Nature and Culture Center conferences and the Junior High and High School Conference held at Soka University of America still require members to be fully vaccinated to attend as participants will be sharing a room during their stay. Members who want to support in-person meetings behind the scenes—including all Byakuren, Gajokai and Soka Group members—must be fully vaccinated. 

Feb. 17, 2023, World Tribune, p.4

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