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Meet the Youth Joining the SGI-USA in 2023

Plus, the first 100 districts to welcome a youth into their Soka families.

Eight years after Rosa Cruz learned about Buddhism in college, she began attending SGI-USA district meetings during what would become a pivotal time in her life. In February 2021, less than a year after she began chanting, she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma,  a rare childhood bone cancer.

As she went through chemo and radiation therapy, her Buddhist practice and district family helped guide her through the difficult questions she faced about life and death, happiness and purpose. “Having faith in my Buddhist practice meant having faith in myself,” said Ms. Cruz, who was declared cancer-free after her fifth surgery. “And I now have the courage to take action toward my dreams and goals.”

SGI-USA members everywhere are endeavoring to introduce young people to Nichiren Buddhism this year based on the united focus: Each District, One Precious Youth. The ultimate aim is for each new youth to become a capable person, a protagonist who can transform their own sufferings and contribute to the positive transformation of their community and the world. 

Ikeda Sensei, in his New Year’s message, says: 

Nichiren Daishonin writes, “I entrust you with the propagation of Buddhism in your province” (“The Properties of Rice,” The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, vol. 1, p. 1117). The Daishonin is telling his disciples, who were challenging adversity with unwavering faith, that he is counting on them to spread the Mystic Law in their communities. We can read this as a message to all of you today who have been sowing the seeds of the Mystic Law in the lives of one person after another in your respective lands while overcoming many hardships. You are all courageous Bodhisattvas of the Earth sharing deep karmic bonds. (Jan. 1, 2023, World Tribune, p. 1)

On the following pages, the World Tribune highlights 24 new youth members, plus the first 100 districts to welcome a youth into their Soka families this year.

East Territory

North ZoneWest Greenwich District
Belmont DistrictMount Auburn District
Norwood DistrictPeekskill District
Providence DistrictRiver East District
Triple Cities DistrictUniversity District
Brooklyn-Queens-Long Island Zone
Stuyvesant Heights DistrictQueensboro District
Ditmars DistrictWoodhaven Boulevard District
Sunnyside DistrictFlatlands District
Florida ZoneYoung Circle District
Doral East DistrictEdgewater District
Kendall DistrictEast Boca District
Mid-Atlantic Zone
Virginia Beach East DistrictCharles Village District
Capitol Hill DistrictTimonium District
West Cary DistrictCrofton District
Fairfax DistrictMontclair District
Arnold DistrictSpringfield District
New Jersey ZoneJournal Square District
Grove DistrictKennedy Heights District
Hackensack DistrictRutherford District
New York Zone
Broadway Heights DistrictHunter District
East Houston DistrictSugar Hill District
East Village DistrictUN South District
Waterside Park DistrictUniversity Heights District
Grand Street DistrictWest Village District
South ZoneGrant Park District
Columbus South DistrictMarietta District

Central Territory

Chicago Zone
Arlington South DistrictEast Hyde Park District
Bridgeport DistrictLogan Square District
Mideast Zone
Capital DistrictDublin-Marysville District
Southfield District
Midwest Zone
Downtown Kansas City DistrictMaple Grove District
Highland DistrictNorth County Diamond District
Rocky Mountain Zone
Denver Tech Center DistrictHappy Valley District
South Central Zone
Broadway DistrictPontchartrain District
Southwest Zone
Chandler DistrictMaryvale District
Manzano DistrictParadise Valley District
Texas-Oklahoma ZoneSouth Creek District
University DistrictThe Woodlands District

West Territory

Golden Gate Mentor and Disciple ZoneEmeryville Courageous Hearts
Los Angeles North Coast Lion’s Roar Zone
Aqua Vista DistrictWinnetka New Era District
Pasadena DistrictMission District
Los Angeles Pan-Pacific Zone
Gardena Blue Sky DistrictNorth West New Wave District
Long Beach Diamond DistrictPacific Peace District
Main Street Mountain Warrior DistrictSan Pedro Harbor District
Los Angeles Sunshine ZoneLeimert Hub Cities District
Angeleno Heights DistrictNever Give Up District
Culver Hope DistrictOlympic 2030 District
Diamond Grove DistrictWindsor District
Pacific Zone
Hahaione DistrictYigo District
Pacific Northwest ZoneIssaquah District
Bellevue Lotus DistrictSouthwest Washington District
San Francisco Ever-Victorious Zone
Mission Murals DistrictSouth Palo Alto District
Southern California ZoneWoodbury District
Southern California Mojave Zone
Grand Crossing DistrictWest Craig District
Seven Hills DistrictWest Tropicana District

July 14, 2023, World Tribune, pp. 6–8

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