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King Rinda

A long time ago lived the great King Rinda, who loved white horses. Hearing them neigh invigorated him to create a peaceful, prosperous land.

But the horses only neighed when they saw white swans.

One day, all the swans suddenly disappeared. Then, the horses stopped neighing, the King became weak, and the country crumbled.

“I vow to honor the teachings for anyone who can make the swans return and the horses neigh again!”

No one could find a single white swan.

Then, Bodhisattva Ashvaghosha offered Buddhist prayers, bringing thousands of white swans back to the land, causing horses to neigh, filled with joy!

After this, King Rinda and his people became happier and more prosperous than before.

Just like the sound of horses neighing, our voices chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo can bring happiness and prosperity to our lives and environment.

“To chant with a strong vow or commitment—thereby deepening our own determination and conviction, activating the protective functions of the universe, and achieving absolute victory—is the essence of chanting in Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism.”

Illustrations by Leo Matsuda.

A People-Centered Religion—Transmitting the Philosophy of Respect for Life to the Future