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Joyfully Sharing Our Experiences in Faith Is a Source of Boundless Benefit

Words of Encouragement From Ikeda Sensei

Photo by Luis Alvarez / Getty Images.

In the case of this sutra [the Lotus Sutra], the benefits gained from it increase in depth and bounty, and they continue down to the fiftieth person who hears of it. In the case of the other sutras, however, there is no benefit to be gained even by the first person who hears them, much less by the second, third, or fourth person, and so on down to the fiftieth person.

Though rivers may be deep, their depth cannot match even the shallow places of the ocean.

 “The Essence of the ‘Medicine King’ Chapter,” The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, vol. 1, p. 92 

Even the fiftieth person who rejoices on hearing the Lotus Sutra in a joyous chain of transmission gains immeasurable benefit. Such infectious joy and boundless benefit are found in our discussion meetings.  

Members’ experiences in faith attest to the tremendous power of the Mystic Law. Confidently sharing our stories with others is the best way to spread the wonderful life philosophy we uphold. 

Today, the joy of practicing Nichiren Buddhism is being shared around the world through platforms such as the Seikyo Shimbun and many other SGI publications and websites. Together let’s create an ever-widening and ever-deepening ocean of joy and good fortune!   

From the May 27, 2023, issue of the Soka Gakkai’s daily newspaper, Seikyo Shimbun.

July 14, 2023, World Tribune, p. 3

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