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Ikeda Sensei

Study to Rouse the Fighting Spirit in Our Hearts

Photo by Ian Philip Miller / Getty Images

The following excerpt is from Ikeda Sensei’s essayBe Champions of Wisdom, Diligently Training in Practice and Study!” published in the Oct. 21, 2022, World Tribune, pp. 2–3.

Studying Nichiren’s writings rouses the Daishonin’s indomitable fighting spirit in our hearts and causes our beings to resound with his great compassion to alleviate the sufferings of all people. When we read Nichiren’s writings, boundless courage surges within us, along with immense passion and wisdom for finding a way forward, no matter what difficulties or obstacles we face.

Mr. Toda once declared with unshakable conviction: “I will be fine, even if I should fall into hell. Why? Because I would simply share the Mystic Law with the inhabitants there and transform it into the Land of Tranquil Light.”

Nichiren Buddhism is not abstract theory. It has real practical power to change people’s hearts and lives, and to transform society.

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