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Redefining Joy Amid the Times

Photo by HRAUN / Getty Images.

During the last weekend of March, the youth division will hold general meetings across SGI-USA themed “Redefining Joy Amid the Times.” The meetings will celebrate March 16, Kosen-rufu Day, the day second Soka Gakkai President Josei Toda entrusted the youth division with the future of kosen-rufu in March 1958 (see p. 8).

“The March youth general meetings are about opening the way for successors” says SGI-USA Young Women’s Leader Maya Gunaseharan. “Each of us should ask ourselves: How am I supporting one more person to recognize the power of their own lives by basing themselves on a vow for kosen-rufu?

SGI-USA Young Men’s Leader Ryo Kuroki said: “The last two years have been a tremendous struggle for the youth of our country. Many are facing uncertainty about their future, relating to career, family, health, finances and the state of the world.

“These meetings are about giving hope, empowering youth with the philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism and Ikeda Sensei’s guidance to live with courage and joy and find the conviction to overcome all their struggles,” he said.

Here are key points about the March youth general meetings. For more details, please contact your local youth leaders.

Who: All young women, young men and nonbinary members and guests ages 12–35 are invited.

What: The suggested meeting length will be one hour to one hour and 15 minutes. The agenda will include a video produced by the local organization and nationally prepared content, including a presentation on the theme “Redefining Joy Amid the Times” and the inaugural performance of the SGI-USA Jazz Band.

Where and when: All meetings will be held virtually at the zone or region level, on the last weekend of March (March 26–27).

—Prepared by the World Tribune staff

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