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Q: I’m having a hard time participating in SGI activities because of a busy work schedule. How can I find a way to do everything?

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A: It boils down to making a decision to do your best in everything and then having the determination not to retreat a single step. In severe circumstances, people tend to give up all too easily. They are convinced that the situation is hopeless before even considering what concrete actions they could take. In their hearts, they have already conceded defeat without even putting up a fight. That, in fact, is the cause of all failure. 

While we may think that concentrating on one thing—work, for example—would make life a lot less complicated, it’s a mistake to cast aside other commitments or pursuits on that account. 

I’m well aware what a challenge it is to hold down a job, to study and do Gakkai activities all at the same time. But correct Buddhist practice and training lie in working hard and succeeding in each of these areas. Moreover, all of these struggles will become precious lifelong treasures.

If we feel that our lives are painful or agonizing, then let’s find a spare moment and pray about our situation. If we pray, then the energy to challenge our circumstances will emerge, and we will definitely find a way to break through. Eventually we will attain a life state where we can do activities and devote ourselves to kosen-rufu to our heart’s content, free of all hindrances. (Ikeda Sensei, The New Human Revolution, vol. 4, revised edition, pp. 149–53)

Being on Time

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