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The 28 Day Buddhability Journey

Invite a friend to believe in themself against all odds.

A 28 Day Buddhability Journey

Buddhability newsletterWondering how you can share Buddhism with your friends and guests in an engaging way, especially youth? If so, invite them to join the 28 Day Buddhability Journey, starting in February to see what our Buddhist practice is all about. (Don’t worry about timing; they can start at any time.)

The challenge includes chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo every day in addition to engaging in one unique daily challenge—like sending a positive text to a friend or creating a goal you’d like to see happen during the month.

Your guests can share their progress as inspiration for others in the Buddhability community by creating a post or video using the #buddhability hashtag, or just by sending a direct message to Buddhability. Select posts will be spotlighted on the Buddhability website and in its newsletters.

This challenge is not for members, as you’re already well along your Buddhability journey. But please do encourage your friends to put their Buddhability to the test, and see how this journey can make a major difference in how they show up in the world!

Buddhability is SGI-USA’s new digital ecosystem, spread across multiple social media channels, which introduces Buddhist principles to a new generation.

Daily Prompt
Check out a post from the 28 Day Buddhability Journey, including the Day 1 challenge.

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During the journey, those who sign up for the Buddhability newsletter will receive a daily message that contains an explanation of that day’s challenge and additional content related to it.

We Are Each “the Blacksmith of Our Own Happiness”

‘As Long as We Have Hope, There Is Nothing We Cannot Achieve’