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On the Cover—January 2022

Featuring members from Southern California

Photos by Yvonne Ng

Starting this year, Living Buddhism is highlighting representative SGI-USA members applying Buddhist ideals to their workplaces in different regions of the country. This issue features members from Southern California.

Mardi Tan

Photos by Yvonne Ng

Long Beach, California  •  Pilot

My Buddhist practice helps me arrive to work with confidence and a positive outlook. Being a pilot can be stressful, knowing that each decision I make affects the safety of my crew and passengers. Each morning, I chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo for everyone’s safety and for unity among the crew.

Whenever I’m having a bad day, I remind myself that I have a unique mission and that my struggles are fuel to fulfill that mission. Recently, I received a promotion from first officer to captain! Personally, as a pilot and chapter young women’s leader, I push through all my challenges based on my vow for kosen-rufu.

Rory Arnaud

Photos by Yvonne Ng

San Diego  •  Chief Operating Officer at a construction firm

My key to victory has been to chant one hour each morning before work. To do this and be on time for work, I need to be in front of the Gohonzon by 4:15 a.m. By the time I leave the house, I’m ready to take on everything with a sense of mission.

By creating this morning rhythm, I’m able to bring out my full potential on the job, working on residential and commercial construction projects. After a hard day’s work, I also do my best as a region young men’s leader to encourage other young men. With the Gohonzon and Sensei as my mentor, there is no limit to how much I can expand my abilities.

Tae Sang Park

Photos by Yvonne Ng

Los Angeles  •  Garment warehouse technician

I always keep in mind these words of wisdom: “It is the heart that is important” (“The Strategy of the Lotus Sutra,” The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, vol. 1, p. 1000). Even if I’m having a bad day or not getting the results I want, I think of this passage and determine that as long as I do my best, I will win.

I work with many people in the garment industry who have different opinions and personal interests. By chanting a lot each morning, I have developed a harmonious work environment, where we work as a team. As a district men’s leader, I also try to convey my victories to the members and inspire them to strive in their practice, too.

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