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Happy Just as I Am

by Crystal Mae Fraser
32 years old

A really pivotal moment was in my first year of Buddhist practice in 2014. At that time, I began to love myself for who I was and came out to my family as a lesbian. For so long, I had been fearful of not being accepted, but they just rolled with the punches.

Three years later, I went through a difficult breakup that brought me closer to the Gohonzon and deepened my faith. The benefit of that relationship ending was being able to talk so openly about it to my parents, who became very supportive.

Through chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, I realized that my happiness was not contingent on anyone else.

I just joined the police academy this month. Especially now, with a lot of mistrust toward law enforcement and disregard for human life, I believe that Black women are needed in these positions. My goal is to somehow bridge the gap between Black communities and law enforcement while keeping the people in my community safe. I want to show others the important role police officers have in helping to rectify racial injustice, even in the smallest way.

One Youth. Infinite Hope. means developing unshakable strength and bravery. It means never giving up or dreaming small.

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