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Capturing Viewers’ Hearts

Gene Kang on KTLA 5 News

KTLA 5 News reporter Gene Kang captured the hearts of viewers throughout Los Angeles during his morning news segment on Feb. 7. Mr. Kang, who is also an SGI-USA men’s region leader, was covering the topic of domestic violence and went on to share his own experience of how he used his Buddhist practice to overcome the trauma of child abuse and violence in his family.

“I chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo,” he said on air. “It’s the rhythm of happiness, it’s the rhythm of the universe, and I’m so grateful to my community of believers … because we never give up, and we are able to turn impossible into possible.” Mr. Kang also introduced Ikeda Sensei and his teaching that hope is a decision, “so we can be more hopeful,” he concluded.

KTLA 5 News covers arts, culture, community, entertainment and breaking news in Southern California.

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