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Soka Institute in Brazil Honors COVID-19 Victims

On Sept. 21, Arbor Day in Brazil, the Soka Institute for Environmental Studies and Research of the Amazon launched an initiative to honor COVID-19 victims in Brazil by planting one tree for every person who passed away.

More than 100,000 trees will be planted over a four-year period.

President of the Soka Institute Edison Akira Sato commented, “This project aims to honor victims of COVID-19 and comfort their families, perpetuating their memory by planting trees and creating benefits for the community and the environment.”

The Soka Institute, founded by Ikeda Sensei in 1992, carries out research on conservation of the global ecosystem, maintains a seed bank of Amazonian tree species, and undertakes reforestation initiatives and environmental education.

—SGI Office of Public Information

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