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Q: I’m having a hard time participating in SGI activities as much as I would like to because of a busy work schedule. How can I find a way to do both?

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Ikeda Sensei: To get right to the point, it boils down to making a decision to do your best in everything and then having the determination not to retreat a single step. In severe circumstances, people tend to give up all too easily. They are convinced that the situation is hopeless before even considering what concrete actions they could take. In their hearts, they have already conceded defeat without even putting up a fight. That, in fact, is the cause of all failure.

The crucial thing is to determine to do your absolute best both at work and in [Soka] Gakkai activities, and to find time to seriously chant [Nam-myoho-renge-kyo] about your situation. You have to bring forth your wisdom and life force, and then exercise your ingenuity.

How you go about resolving the dilemma will differ according to the kind of work you do, conditions on the job and your position. For instance, leaders who cannot get around to see their members because they have to travel frequently on business can encourage them by writing them letters regularly while on the road. Or, if they have to work overtime until late at night six days a week but have Sundays off, they can do a week’s worth of activities on that day. A hundred people will come up with a hundred different creative ways, but in every case the basic principle is the same. (The New Human Revolution, vol. 4, pp. 149–50)

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