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New Board of Directors Appointment

Courtesy of Mayur Gupta

The SGI-USA named Mayur Gupta to its board of directors.

The board oversees the organization’s corporate functions, which include managing financial assets. Directors serve a three-year staggered term and are eligible for reappointment.

Mr. Gupta is the chief marketing and strategy officer (CMO and CSO) at the media conglomerate Gannett, owner of the nationally syndicated USA Today. He is a chapter men’s leader in New York City, where he lives with his wife, Savera, and two daughters, Samaya and Alaya.

In his expertise of content marketing and growth, Mr. Gupta has taken leading roles at several major corporations over the past decade. In recognition of his professional accomplishments, Forbes recently ranked him No. 14 on “The World’s Most Influential CMOs” of 2020.

He attributes his success to his Buddhist practice, which, he says, has allowed him to challenge his fears and create a vision for the future. “My mission is to prove the greatness of the SGI and my mentor, Ikeda Sensei, to the world,” Mr. Gupta said. “I want to prove that you don’t choose between a successful career and kosen-rufu. When you center everything on kosen-rufu, each part of your life is amplified.”

Mr. Gupta emphasized that his first responsibility as a new SGI-USA board member is to challenge his human revolution. “For years, I’ve chanted Nam-myoho-renge-kyo to find a way to use my professional experience for kosen-rufu,” he added. “This is an opportunity to engage the youth of America in new ways toward that end.”

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