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My Mission Is to Become Happy


by Joyce Wang
24 years old
Cupertino, Calif.

In my final semester of college in 2017, I had a full-blown manic episode. I had been introduced to Buddhism a couple weeks earlier by a fellow student, who told me that I could activate my Buddha nature by chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. I remembered his words during my episode and began chanting. To my amazement, I unearthed the courage to talk to the wellness staff and police, and I got to the hospital safely on my own. I realized how protected I was and became so convinced of the power of Buddhism that I joined the SGI shortly after. After graduating, I stopped practicing Buddhism, thinking that I could cure my illness through medication alone. Yet I started to struggle again. My friends in the SGI community never stopped reaching out though, and I returned to the practice a few months later.

I am now flourishing, using both medical treatment and my Buddhist practice. Each of my episodes has been less severe than the last. I work as an account manager in the tech industry and also support other young women as an SGI-USA district leader.

All youth can unlock infinite reserves of wisdom, courage and compassion within them, so I try to be open about my story with others. I’ve discovered that no matter what my external circumstances or illness may be, my mission in life is to become happy.

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