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Brief Guidances

Let’s Joyfully Reach Out and Encourage Others

Words of Encouragement From Ikeda Sensei

The heart of the Buddha’s lifetime of teachings is the Lotus Sutra, and the heart of the practice of the Lotus Sutra is found in the “[Bodhisattva] Never Disparaging” chapter. What does Bodhisattva Never Disparaging’s profound respect for people signify? The purpose of the appearance in this world of Shakyamuni Buddha, the lord of teachings, lies in his behavior as a human being.

“The Three Kinds of Treasure,” The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, vol. 1, p. 851–52

The heart of the practice of the Lotus Sutra—that is, a spirit of respect for all people—was revived in modern times by the Soka Gakkai. Our efforts in Buddhist dialogue and building a network of friendship constitute the practice of Bodhisattva Never Disparaging, believing in the Buddha nature of each person and striving to elevate the life state of both ourselves and others.

In today’s world, where mistrust and hate are all too prevalent, our network of trust and respect shines as a beacon of hope for humanity. Through our wise “behavior as a human being,” let us each joyfully continue to reach out and encourage those around us.

Translated from the November 28, 2020 Seikyo Shimbun, the Soka Gakkai’s daily newspaper.

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