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A Springtime of Hope


Cherry trees herald the arrival of spring this year, blooming in brilliant profusion across the world. But did you know that for cherry trees to bloom in spring, the flower buds first form in the summer, and then enter a period of dormancy in autumn. These buds must go through the cold of winter to blossom—a period known as “breaking dormancy.”

The winter chill is necessary for the buds’ development. If the period of winter chill required for breaking dormancy is insufficient, the flowering of the buds will be delayed, and the blossoms will be irregular. SGI President Ikeda writes, “The key to victory in our lives lies in how hard we struggle when we are in winter, how wisely we use that time, and how meaningfully we live each day confident that spring will definitely come.” (Adapted from The Hope-filled Teachings of Nichiren Daishonin, pp. 60–64)

Symptoms and Actions to Take

Now Is The Time To Use Our Voices