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What’s New for Young Women and Young Men

Honolulu IWA, Photo by OT SUKARDI.

Kayo Corps

In 2019, the young women of SGI-USA will focus on Kayo Corps—a training group dedicated to deepening bonds of friendship, strengthening members’ foundation in faith through practice and study, and raising capable leaders for kosen-rufu.

Select young women will be inducted into the group, in which they will commit to a six- or 12-month training period. Activities will include the study of SGI President Ikeda’s serialized novel The New Human Revolution, 30 key writings from Nichiren Daishonin, sharing Buddhism and seeking from seniors in faith.

Local organizations will determine the frequency of Kayo Corps meetings, their size, location and other details. Please ask your local line leader for more information.

Young Men’s Division Academy

This February, the SGI-USA will kick off the Young Men’s Division Academy—a curriculum dedicated to training young men with the foundations of faith and the spirit to serve the members and protect the SGI, ultimately raising capable successors for kosen-rufu.

Potential academy members will be interviewed for the 12-month curriculum. Activities will include attending scheduled academy meetings, participating in behind-the-scenes activities and studying The New Human Revolution.

Local organizations will determine the frequency of academy meetings, locations and other details. Please ask your local zone leader for more information.

New Year’s Day Gongyo Meetings

“Home Visits and Personal Encouragement”