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The Brilliant Path of Worldwide Kosen-rufu

Volume 6: Chapter One—Treasure Land

Chapter Summary

Illustration courtesy of Seikyo Press.

On January 29, 1962, Shin’ichi Yamamoto set off on his first trip to the Middle East, vowing in his heart to transform the world into a treasure land of eternal peace based on Buddhist humanism. Two days before his departure, he met with Torazo Kawarazaki, a Soka Gakkai member and an expert in Arab affairs. He encouraged the scholar to join him in building a bridge of peace and culture for the sake of the future.

Shin’ichi and his party arrived in Tehran in the early morning of January 30 and toured the Iranian capital on the first day of their visit. They discussed the life of Mohammed, the founder of Islam, as well as the importance of interfaith dialogue.

“The goal of dialogue,” Shin’ichi said, “is to find a way to bring happiness to all and realize a peaceful world” (The New Human Revolution, vol. 6, p. 46). The founders of world religions all fought for the people’s happiness amid persecution. What is needed now is for believers of those different faith traditions to return to the spirit of their teachers and talk with one another from that standpoint.

Moving on to Iraq, Shin’ichi and his party visited the ruins of the ancient city of Ctesiphon where they enjoyed a heart-to-heart exchange with a group of youth and children.

Also, at the ruins of the ancient city of Babylon, Shin’ichi recalled the ancient civilization that had prospered there. He affirmed, however, that the Soka Gakkai is embarking on the great adventure of kosen-rufu, aimed at creating a future civilization where peace and happiness reign supreme.

Unforgettable Scene

Illustration courtesy of Seikyo Press.

The Diamond of Happiness Is Found in Our Hearts

While visiting the ancient ruins of Ctesiphon (southeast of Baghdad) on February 1, 1962, Shin’ichi Yamamoto encouraged a group of youth he happened to meet, who made their living selling clean drinking water and other goods to tourists.

“Look at any country—those who succeed in life are always extremely serious, studying hard, making incredible efforts and are never afraid of hard work.

“Iraq has vast, untapped reserves of oil. Unless the oil is drilled for, it cannot be used. In the same way, we each possess a diamond of happiness in our hearts that we can only uncover by making continuous efforts, never giving up or allowing ourselves to be discouraged. Such perseverance will give birth to wisdom and ingenuity, enabling us to break through any adversity.

“Everything comes down to your earnest determination. The harder you work, the greater success you are sure to savor. That’s why I sincerely urge you to work hard and challenge yourselves with all your might.”

■  ■  ■

“I am so happy to have talked with you,” Shin’ichi said. “You may experience many difficulties and challenges in the course of your lives, but I want to leave you with these parting words: No matter what happens, please never lose hope or be defeated by your weaknesses.

“I will never forget you as long as I live. Thank you for today. Take good care of yourselves.”

The elderly musician, who had been listening to this exchange, then addressed Shin’ichi: “What you said was very good. I will play a song for you.” Whereupon he filled the air with a light, graceful melody. (NHR-6, 54–55)

Key Passage

The sun’s timeless brilliance is due to how it blazes fiercely and brightly at every moment. Similarly, to devote our lives to our mission means to keep the passion in our heart blazing fiercely from moment to moment, to continually take action. (NHR-6, 59)

Commentary on Volume 6

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