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The Brilliant Path of Worldwide Kosen-rufu

Volume 11: Chapter Three—Ever-Victorious

Chapter Summary

Illustration courtesy of Seikyo Press.

After Shin’ichi returned from his visit to North and South America, he embarked on a whirlwind tour of Japan to offer encouragement and take commemorative photographs with group leaders, the people working on the front lines of kosen-rufu. In April, Shin’ichi visited Osaka, Wakayama, Shizuoka, Kagawa and Ehime prefectures.

Shin’ichi continued to take the lead in realizing even greater progress for the Soka Gakkai toward the
completion of the first set of Seven Bells on May 3, 1979. Amid his tight schedule, Shin’chi thought constantly about the future development of kosen-rufu and took steps to lay the groundwork in that direction. One such focus was the translation of Nichiren Daishonin’s writings into English to strengthen the foundation of worldwide kosen-rufu.

On September 18, Shin’ichi traveled to Osaka to attend the Kansai Culture Festival being held at the Hanshin Koshien Stadium.

On the day of the festival, rain fell intermittently. Due to the danger this posed to the performers and participants, canceling the festival seemed to be the best option. Based on the indomitable Kansai spirit, however, they decided to go ahead and hold the festival in the rain. The Kansai members transformed these terrible conditions into a magnificent, inspiring event, and won. This festival shines as one of Kansai’s golden achievements based on the spirit to be “Ever-victorious.”

Around this time, the gravity of the Vietnam War was weighing heavily on Shin’ichi’s mind. Hoping that this hideous war would end even one day or a moment sooner, Shin’ichi made a proposal for resolving the conflict at the youth division general meeting on November 3. On January 1, 1973, Shin’ichi wrote a letter to U.S. President Richard Nixon, urging him to end the war, and continued to make efforts for peace.

Unforgettable Scene

Illustration courtesy of Seikyo Press.

Children of the Soka Gakkai Never Lose

On September 18, 1966, the Kansai Culture Festival was held at the Hanshin Koshien Stadium despite torrential rains caused by a typhoon. However, out of concern for their health and safety, the performance by the junior Fife and Drum Corps was canceled.

[The members of the junior Fife and Drum Corps] had been informed of the cancellation after they had changed into their white and yellow uniforms and were already waiting eagerly for the festival to begin … “I’m so sorry, but I’m afraid we’ve had to cancel your performance this time.”

Hearing this, they all broke down in tears. They had spent every day of their summer vacation practicing under the hot sun, a strong desire to perform for President Yamamoto alive in their hearts. When they were told that they couldn’t participate after all their hard work, their sadness and disappointment knew no bounds.

Ineko Yoshikura, a young women’s division leader and the person in charge of the junior Fife and Drum Corps, was painfully aware of just how disappointed the girls were … But she steeled herself and instead spoke sternly to them as they sobbed: “Children of the Soka Gakkai never cry out of self-pity! You are President Yamamoto’s disciples, aren’t you? You are lion cubs! I am sure that Sensei doesn’t like crybabies!”

The members lifted their tear-streaked faces. Yoshikura continued, chiding them gently: “Your event was canceled today because you are the precious treasures of the Soka Gakkai … Of anyone, President Yamamoto is the most concerned about you, and I’m certain he knows how you’re feeling right now” …

Approaching one of the girls, Yoshikura knelt by her side, took out her own handkerchief and wiped the girl’s tears. Grasping her shoulders, Yoshikura gave her a gentle squeeze and said: “I know you’re sad, but let’s cheer up! This is all part of the challenge of putting on a culture festival! You’re a big girl, right?” The girl nodded her head. (NHR-11, 207–09)

Key Passage

The Soka Gakkai spirit is a spirit of compassion that is dedicated to working for the happiness of all people and world peace. It is a spirit of challenge to resolutely stand up alone and face adversity without fear. It is a spirit of justice that refuses to tolerate iniquity. (NHR-11, 223)

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