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Studying The New Human Revolution on the Front lines

Photo by Aja Tushinde Elliot.

In volume one of The New Human Revolution, SGI President Ikeda writes in the epilogue: “Without the disciple’s efforts to make it a reality, the mentor’s grand vision will remain an empty dream. The true value of the principles set forth by the mentor are only revealed when they are applied and developed.”[1]

Starting this year, the SGI-USA will join members around the world in earnestly studying and applying the spirit of The New Human Revolution to their lives with the resolve to eternalize the mentor’s teachings and accurately transmit them to future generations.

To mark this new departure, the following is an aid that includes:

where to find NHR materials in the publications;
how to use the NHR study guide for the district study meeting; and
how each division plans to study the novelized series.

SGI Vice President Hiromasa Ikeda writes of this fresh endeavor to study President Ikeda’s epic series: “The coming age will be defined by how each of us, as a disciple, deepens and puts into practice the spirit of The New Human Revolution. How will we internalize this spirit and accurately hand it on to future generations? It could be said that all the members of the youth division are ‘The New Human Revolution generation’ with a profound mission to fulfill.”[2] Through studying NHR on a regular basis, let us each fulfill this great vow.

Where to Find The New Human Revolution

Starting from its January 2019 issue, Living Buddhism will carry a four-part study guide on one volume per month of The New Human Revolution. Titled “The Brilliant Path of Worldwide Kosen-rufu: Learning From The New Human Revolution,” the series includes:

1. commentary on the volume from a senior leader;
2. chapter summaries;
3. unforgettable scenes; and
4. excerpts from Nichiren Daishonin’s writings cited in the volume.

Note: This study guide will serve as the material for the district study meeting.

World Tribune Press

Volumes 1–26 of The New Human Revolution can be purchased at SGI-USA bookstores or online at 

The e-book version of volumes 1, 2, 3, 23 and 24 can be purchased from online booksellers, including

To commemorate Nov. 18, Soka Gakkai Founding Day, district through national leaders were given a copy of Guidelines for Kosen-rufu, Victory, and Happiness: Selections From The New Human Revolution. The book contains excerpts by topic from volumes 1–26 of the novelized series, to aid front-line leaders in home visits and personal encouragement.

How to use The New Human Revolution study guide at the district study meeting

Starting from its January 2019 issue, Living Buddhism will carry a four-part study guide on one volume per month of The New Human Revolution. Below is a suggested framework for using this material at the district study meeting:

1. Make a presentation on the commentary section of the study guide. (The January Living Buddhism contains two messages from SGI Vice President Hiromasa Ikeda; please consider using both.)

2. Read from the “Unforgettable Scenes” section together.

3. Have a discussion based on how to apply lessons from The New Human Revolution to win in our districts and daily lives.

Note: Districts are encouraged to use some portion of the “Chapter Summary” or the “Unforgettable Scenes” section from the study guide at their discussion meetings.

Divisional Study

Women’s Division

Sophia Group: This women’s study group, open to all women’s division members, will focus on studying The New Human Revolution. Each group can choose their materials from the World Tribune, Living Buddhism or any volume of NHR. 

Card: The women and young women will receive a beautiful card listing by chapter all 30 volumes of NHR to help you track your progress of reading volumes 1–30.

Men’s Division

The men’s division will focus on studying the NHR study guide published monthly in Living Buddhism

Young Women’s Division

The Ikeda Kayo-kai Corps will study the NHR study guide published monthly in Living Buddhism at its monthly local corps meetings. They will also continue to study the 30 letters from Nichiren Daishonin selected in 2011 to be studied by young women around the world.

Young Men’s Division

Young Men’s Division Academy: The Soka Group and Gajokai training groups will
study from the NHR study guide published monthly in Living Buddhism at its academy meetings.


  1. Translated from Japanese. Daisaku Ikeda, Shin ningen kakumei (The New Human Revolution), vol. 1, epilogue (Tokyo: Seikyo Shimbunsha, 1998), p. 352. ↩︎
  2. January 2019 Living Buddhism, p. 37. ↩︎

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