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“A Fresh Departure” for Central Territory

Tempe, Ariz. For us, “casting off the transient and revealing the true” is making kosen-rufu, the realization of happiness for all people, our highest purpose and mission in life and carrying out its courageous practice in our daily lives. Photo by George Nakamura.

The SGI-USA has introduced a new organizational structure that consists of South Central Zone being reassigned from East Territory to Central Territory.

The membership of South Central Zone comprises Alabama, Arkansas, the Florida Panhandle, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee. When considering the unique needs of the zone (e.g., geographic location, natural disaster relief efforts, etc.), the reorganization will provide more direct, localized support for the members.

Central Territory Leader James Herrmann noted that, in 2007, when the three SGI-USA territories were formed (East, Central and West), SGI President Ikeda stated in his message that Central Territory “embraces the heartland of the United States” and serves as a “central axis” for the movement to spread Buddhism throughout the world (Aug. 10, 2007, World Tribune, p. 4).

“With South Central Zone joining us,” Mr. Herrmann said, “we are making a fresh departure toward realizing Sensei’s vision, and we will start with dynamic shakubuku!”

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