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The Age of Soft Power

Commemorating 25 years since SGI President Ikeda’s 1991 speech at Harvard University.

Developing a Life of Genuine Happiness and Peace

How Loren Larrimore learned to reveal his inherent dignity.

Introductory Exam Workbook

A special pullout workbook included in the September 2016 Living Buddhism.

Bodhisattvas of the Earth Emerging in a Steady Stream

Monthly Message from SGI President Ikeda

“Reply to a Believer”

SGI President Ikeda’s Lecture Series

The Soka Gakkai International

Humanity's force for peace.

The Age of Soft Power

SGI President Ikeda's first speech at Harvard University

“Human Revolution Is a Never-Ending Effort to Transform Reality”

A transformation of the individual will lead to the transformation of society.

Announcing the 2017 Ikeda Wisdom
Academy Part II Exam

Ikeda Wisdom Academy is an SGI-USA Youth Division movement to engage youth leaders in advanced study.

335 Days That Changed Buddhism Forever

Soka Spirit: 25 Years of Spiritual Independence (Part 3)

The World of Anger

In Buddhism, anger is a state of life that can be transformed by learning to win not over others, but ourselves.

“A Life Dedicated to Kosen-rufu”
Chapter 18

Selections From SGI President Ikeda’s Collected Works