Our Shared Vow to Create a World Free of Nuclear Weapons

SGI President Ikeda's essay from the Sept. 8, 2017, issue of the Seikyo Shimbun, the Soka Gakkai’s daily newspaper.

True Joy Is Experienced Together

How Sebastian Luna developed self-worth through efforts to help others realize their fullest potential.

ICAN & the SGI

A list of collaborative projects.

Essentials Exam, Part 3: Coming in January

Those who pass the Introductory Exam, the first level of the SGI-USA study program, are eligible to take the exam.

San Francisco Honors SGI President

Certificate of Honor awarded to SGI President Ikeda from Mayor commemorating the 57th anniversary of his first visit to San Francisco in 1960.

Can We Pray for Anything That We Want?

Q&A With SGI President Ikeda.

Turning Suffering Into Hope

SGI President Ikeda on Nelson Mandela, Former South African President.

A Garden in the Dominican Republic

Spread Your Wings Toward the Future (Part 3 of 3).

Ira Helfand: “Our Security Is Best Served in a World Free of Nuclear Weapons.”

When there is enough understanding, people will take action.

“A Rising Tide of Energy and Commitment”

SGI’s partnership with 2017 Nobel Peace Prize recipient ICAN toward a world free of nuclear weapons.