My Son, My Hero

What Steven Powers’ son taught him about faith, perseverance and never giving up.

Never Forgetting My Promises

Jihii Jolly develops indestructible confidence through living the writings of Nichiren Daishonin.

The Smile of Never Being Defeated

Laura Blume shares her experience of supporting members behind-the-scenes.

Congratulations, Chicago!

Featuring SGI-USA Buddhist centers where Gajokai shifts have been fulfilled for 30 or more consecutive days.

“Study the World’s Foremost Life Philosophy”

Toward Nov. 18, 2018, young women across the nation are challenging themselves to study 30 selected letters from The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin.

Gongyo Workout Video

A resource for new members and guests to learn gongyo.

“Toward an Authentically Human Orientation”

The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation holds a two-day symposium on nuclear disarmament.

Building an Eternal Foundation of Faith

Message from SGI-USA Young Women’s Leader Olivia Saito.

Congratulations, Champion Districts!

The spirit of treasuring each person.

Q&A on the SGI’s Spiritual Independence

The following is study material for the weekly Soka Spirit chanting sessions being held at SGI-USA Buddhist centers across the country.

A Winning View

On the night the Cubs won the World Series