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Golden Pillars of American Kosen-rufu

Men's Division 50th Aniversary Celebrations

“Look What We Helped Create”

David and Adie Rubin share how offerings of every kind to support the SGI have been like pebbles thrown into a pond, sending ripples throughout their lives.

Telling a New Story

How James Lecesne awakened to his greater self by winning in the present moment.

My First Days of Practice: Hana & Ronell

Hana Bechara and Ronell Burston share their first experiences practicing Soka Gakkai Nichiren Buddhism.

Champion Districts

The spirit of treasuring each person.

Absolute Happiness, Absolute Peace:
Creating a Model for the 21st Century

“The SGI-USA’s primary mission is to enable people to become happy, and support them in taking decisive action to enable others to do so as well.”

“Let’s Create a New History of Victory!”

SGI-USA Men’s Division Celebrate their 50th Aniversary

Golden Pillars of American Kosen-rufu

SGI President Ikeda on the Men’s Division’s 50th Anniversary

“To the Next Generation of Artists”

Jazz icons Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock pen an open letter.

The Oneness of Life and Its Environment

We are constantly exerting an influence on our surroundings while our surroundings are constantly influencing us.

The Human Revolution-Second Edition

Chapter 2 - “Reconstruction” (Part 4 of 4)