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The "Buddhism of the Sun"

Why Buddhist humanism is needed even more today.

Happiness Is Found in a Life Dedicated to Others

“There is no greater meaning or fulfillment in life than this, for helping others become happy is also the path to our own happiness.”

A Life of Persistent Effort Brings Supreme Happiness

As heirs to the true lineage of Nichiren Daishonin, we have a special mission to restore hope and purpose to desolate hearts.

Everything Is Medicine

How Nailah Dodd’s illness led her to become a healer for others.

Student Division Rallies Held Across the Country

Each gathering brimmed with the pride and mission to advance kosen-rufu as students.

A Sister-School Exchange With a Difference

Five years after Japan’s devastating March 11, 2011, earthquake and tsunami, youth look toward the future.

A Legacy Preserved

Rosa Parks’ extensive archive now online at the Library of Congress.

What Would You Like to Share With Your District?

Impressions from the North America and Oceania Study Conference at the Florida Nature and Culture Center.

Triumphant Chronicles of Ordinary People

What constitutes a strong experience?

The “Buddhism of the Sun”

Why Buddhist humanism is needed even more today.