In This Issue

The New Human Revolution

Great Mountain

Introducing volume 30 of SGI President Ikeda’s epic novel The New Human Revolution.

“Strength Is the Hallmark of Youth”

Nefertiti Morris creates a harmonious family by changing herself first.

March Champion Districts

The spirit of treasuring each person.

“Great Mountain” Chapter Debuts!

Final volume of SGI President Ikeda’s epic novel, The New Human Revolution, begins.

“Shine Like the Morning Sun” Now in Bookstores

New book of SGI President Ikeda’s encouragement to women.

Celebrating Life

SGI-USA Annual Memorial to Be Held

Unlock the Wisdom

Ikeda Wisdom Academy Exam II answers.

The Great Vow of Soka

The Eternal Citadel of Soka

The Great Joy of Home Visits

Advancing toward our gathering of 50,000 determined youth in 2018.

Edison’s Unbeatable Optimism

Thomas Edison endured many struggles throughout his youth.