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SGI Youth Make a Great Vow With President Ikeda

SGI Youth leaders representing six countries share their determination

I’m Proud of Who I Am

"My vow to help others become happy is now the source of my validation."

Let Every Day Be Soka Gakkai Mother’s Day!

SGI President Ikeda's Monthly Message.

Ikeda Wisdom Academy: June 2018

The Opening of the Eyes: SGI President Ikeda’s Lecture Series: Chapter 17 and 18

Fierce Struggle
Volume 27, Chapter 3 (57–62)

From SGI President Ikeda’s ongoing novel, The New Human Revolution.

A Religion That Exists for People’s Happiness
(Chapter 27)

The Wisdom for Creating Happiness and Peace, Chapter 27, Part 1 of 3

A Religion for Human Revolution (Part 9)

SGI President Ikeda’s Lecture Series.