How a youth festival changed my life.

Roy Olesky, of Boston, attends an SGI-USA event in his youth, changing the course of his life

My Squad of 50

Cassandra Colby, of Los Angeles, learns the unparalled value of her life by awakening many lions

Living Out Our Lives With Unwavering Faith

SGI President Ikeda's Monthly Message.

Eternalizing the Vow of Mentor and Disciple

SGI President Ikeda's 25 year journey to write The New Human Revolution

The New Human Revolution and America

A guide to sgi president ikeda’s visits and encounters with america chronicled in his epic, novelized series

SGI President Ikeda’s The New Human Revolution

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary

Seeking Spirit
Volume 27, Chapter 4 (1-6)

From SGI President Ikeda’s ongoing novel, The New Human Revolution.



Toki Jonin [2 OF 3]

The Mentor-Disciple Relationship and the Journey of Kosen-rufu

A Religion That Exists for People’s Happiness
(Chapter 27)

The Wisdom for Creating Happiness and Peace, Chapter 27, Part 3 of 3

A Religion for Human Revolution (Part 11)

SGI President Ikeda’s Lecture Series.