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Triumphing in Everything We Challenge

SGI Spring Training Course Report

Bodhisattvas of the Earth—Unshakable Pillars of Society

SGI President Ikeda’s monthly message.

Building Peace With Our Own Hands

SGI-Togo Chairperson Ida Gbodossou-Adjevi transforms her sorrow into mission by bringing hope to mothers around the world.

Ikeda Wisdom Academy: July 2017

The Opening of the Eyes: SGI President Ikeda’s Lecture Series: Chapter 2

Why Do Nichiren Buddhists Chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo?

This Q&A series addresses frequently asked questions about Nichiren Buddhism.

“The Unity of ‘Many in Body, One in Mind’ ”
Chapter 23 (2 of 2)

Selections From SGI President Ikeda’s Collected Works

The Miraculous Words “Thank You”

Excerpt From SGI President Ikeda’s “The Wisdom for Creating Happiness and Peace”.

The Historic July 12 Tokyo Rally

SGI President Ikeda’s essay recalling 40,000 members gathering for justice in 1957.

The Vow of July 17

SGI President Ikeda’s struggle for justice in Osaka in 1957.

A Gathering of Lions in Osaka

SGI President Ikeda’s shares his thoughts on the Osaka Rally in his diary entry.

Establishing the Teaching for World Peace

Nichiren Daishon’s treatise “On Establishing the Correct Teaching for the Peace of the Land” and the history of Buddhism’s fight for peace.