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Category: Many Treasures Group

Q: As time passes and my contemporaries and loved ones pass away, I feel the weight of my own mortality. How can I live with hope and purpose?

A: When we study Buddhism, we find that Shakyamuni’s teachings begin with conquering the four sufferings of birth, aging, sickness and death. Rather than seeking to evade suffering, which is impossible, Shakyamuni pioneered the means to overcome it through practicing Buddhism. In life, we encounter many forms of hardship, but the four sufferings list what

Category: Many Treasures Group

Recently retired on a fixed income, I’m more cautious with finances than I once was. How can I partake in SGI-USA contributions with a youthful, lionlike spirit in this new chapter of my life?

This is a courageous question. Matters of financial security and faith are ones that Ikeda Sensei himself has given painstaking thought.  At the headquarters in May 1961, deeply pondering the future of kosen-rufu, Sensei’s thoughts turned to the question of funding. Numerous construction projects were underway and even more were on the horizon, all of