A Life of Persistent Effort Brings Supreme Happiness

As heirs to the true lineage of Nichiren Daishonin, we have a special mission to restore hope and purpose to desolate hearts.


The Golden Age of Kosen-Rufu Begins Now

SGI President Ikeda’s Message on March 16, Kosen-rufu Day


“Decide, Chant, Act!”

The following are excerpts about making goals from SGI President Ikeda’s essay series “Soar Into the Vast Skies of Hope!” which was published in the April 11, 2014, Trailblazers.


Golden Pillars of American Kosen-rufu

SGI President Ikeda on the Men’s Division’s 50th Anniversary

The Human Revolution

The Human Revolution-Second Edition

Chapter 2 - “Reconstruction” (Part 4 of 4)


The Buddha Dwells in My Heart

How dialogue became the foundation of peace in Colleen Greenhalgh's home.


Joy in Both Life and Death

From SGI President Ikeda’s “Wisdom for Creating Happiness and Peace”.