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Seeking Spirit

The New Human Revolution, “Seeking Spirit” Chapter, Installment 56

Volume 27, Chapter 4

By Daisaku Ikeda

After the cattle barn, Sugayama built a feed silo and a two-story concrete family house.

He bought used farm machinery and repaired it himself. As much as possible, he grew his own cattle feed, researching the most nutritious types of grass to plant.

His dairy farm became very successful, and people’s skepticism changed to admiration and respect.

He acquired and developed more land until he owned 60 hectares (148 acres). His small herd increased to 50 milking cows and 20 heifers. He also worked hard to ensure a hygienic milking process and received awards of excellence.

At the Hokkaido Training Center in Betsukai, Shin’ichi said to Sugayama, “It must be hard to do Soka Gakkai activities in such a vast area.”

“I haven’t calculated the distance I’ve traveled, but I’ve gone through six motorcycles and five cars. I think all leaders in Betsukai travel just as much. If it’s to visit a member, we don’t mind going out when the temperature is below zero.”

He told Shin’ichi how a leader caught in a blizzard on the way home one evening had to take shelter in an unused water pipe overnight, and how another who was visiting a member had to stay there for three days, unable to return home because of heavy snow.

Activities in Betsukai were always a struggle against nature.

Smiling, Sugayama added, “I love the line from ‘Song of Human Revolution’ that goes ‘Pressing on through blizzards, we boldly advance.’”

“That perfectly describes your actions,” Shin’ichi said.

He then turned to a leader accompanying him. “Who is advancing kosen-rufu? Who is supporting the Soka Gakkai? Ordinary, unheralded men and women—sincere, dedicated and pure-hearted champions of the people, like Mr. Sugayama and the other members of Betsukai.

“These people have battled poverty and illness; they have cried and struggled in harsh circumstances. But through it all, they have steadfastly embraced the Gohonzon and stood up alongside me to strive for kosen-rufu. Resolutely challenging the storms of their destiny, they have encouraged their fellow members and shared Nichiren Buddhism with others. They are the protagonists of kosen-rufu. They are the Bodhisattvas of the Earth who have emerged in the Latter Day of the Law. They are the Soka Gakkai’s greatest treasures.”

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