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Photo by yipengge / Getty Images.

‘Making the Impossible Possible’

Stories from Ikeda Sensei’s youth about turning impossibilities into possibilities that serve as timeless formulas for how we can do the same. $5.95

‘The Wisdom For Creating Happiness & Peace,’ Revised Part 1

Gleaned from more than 50 years of Sensei’s works, this revised edition adds new selections that further provide a window into his philosophy. Sensei’s words provide hope and courage for a world increasingly beset with suffering. $9.95 

‘The Brilliant Path of Worldwide Kosen-Rufu’

A study guide for The New Human Revolution, volumes 11–20 includes key passages, chapter summaries and unforgettable scenes from the novel. $10.95 

Ikeda Sensei and Mrs. Ikeda Recite Gongyo at the Soka Gakkai Headquarters

Episode #60: Finding My Purpose as a Journalist