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The Heartfelt Wish of the Mentor

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March 16 is the eternal starting point of true cause, when all disciples stand up to be counted. For me, each day is a day of fresh commitment; each day is March 16.[1]
—Ikeda Sensei

In the predawn chill of March 16, 1958, 6,000 youth gathered at the foot of Mount Fuji with their mentor, second Soka Gakkai President Josei Toda, for a solemn ceremony, a dress rehearsal for kosen-rufu (see essay here).

Many had traveled long distances and were asked to bring a bowl and chopsticks. President Toda, thinking of how hungry and cold they would be, had arranged to have warm pork soup ready when the youth arrived. Realizing that the soup had been provided out of the mentor’s concern for them, the youth were moved to tears.

At this historic meeting, President Toda bequeathed the mission and responsibility of kosen-rufu to his youthful successors. Today, March 16, Kosen-rufu Day, is a day to renew our pledge to build an everlasting foundation for kosenrufu and achieve world peace.

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10: The number of staff members who were asked to prepare pork soup for 6,000 attendees.

285: The number of gallons of pork soup prepared.

827: The total pounds of vegetables (potatoes, burdock root, carrots and green onions) that were assembled for the soup.

55 Years of the Men’s Division

This month we celebrate 55 years of the men’s division. At a ceremony on March 5, 1966, marking its establishment, Ikeda Sensei asked the men’s division to “promote harmony among all and shoulder responsibility for protecting the Soka Gakkai and the entire membership.”[2]

He further spurred the men to stand up, saying: “I hope that you will join me and rise up valiantly with the [Soka] Gakkai spirit and become golden pillars supporting the citadel of Soka.”[3]

Today, the men’s division are the golden pillars of Soka, showing actual proof of victory in their organizations, lives and families.


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