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Seeking Spirit

The New Human Revolution, “Seeking Spirit” Chapter, Installment 40

Volume 27, Chapter 4

By Daisaku Ikeda

Atsuta was the place where, while talking with his mentor, the young Shin’ichi had vowed to take dynamic action to realize worldwide kosen-rufu. Now, these valiant young champions gathered in Atsuta had set forth on a new journey with their sights on the next 30 years.

Before and after the youth general meeting on June 11, Shin’ichi had a full schedule encouraging members of the Hokkaido University Group and Future Group,[1] as well as meeting with the mayor of Atsuta Village and other local officials.

In the same spirit as her husband, Mineko also exerted herself wholeheartedly in encouraging members.

That evening, she visited the home of the Morai Block (present-day district) women’s leader, located near the Toda Memorial Cemetery Park.

Two days earlier, Shin’ichi had received invitations to the women’s division general meetings of each block in Atsuta Chapter. And the day before, June 10, two women had come to the cemetery park with the gift of an atsushi coat, which about 150 local women’s division members had helped sew.

This type of coat was made from fabric woven from the fibers of materials such as the bark of the ohyo tree, a species of elm. When Josei Toda left Atsuta for Tokyo as a young man, his mother had made him a similar coat, which he treasured all his life.

Shin’ichi spent some time talking to the women who delivered the coat: “Thank you for this rare and special gift. I would like to show it to the youth who attend the university group general meeting tomorrow. I’m sure they will be delighted. It’s a precious reminder of when Mr. Toda set out from Atsuta with such great aspirations. Let’s take a photo together to commemorate this occasion.”

Shin’ichi then gave the women two bags of sweets to share with the members.

After they said goodbye to Shin’ichi and started to leave, Mineko hurried over to inquire: “Do you have a ride home? And are there enough sweets there for everyone?”

“Yes, we came by car,” they replied. “And this is plenty.”

Mineko’s consideration touched them.

Consideration opens the door to people’s hearts, fosters heart-to-heart connections, and plants the seed of trust.


  1. University Groups are for members who graduated from or are currently enrolled in a given university, while Future Groups are training groups within the Future Division.

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