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Seeking Spirit

The New Human Revolution, “Seeking Spirit” Chapter, Installment 35

Volume 27, Chapter 4

By Daisaku Ikeda

“It’s a wonderful garden,” Shin’ichi said to Su’e Nemoto. “I’m touched by your husband’s sincerity. I wish I’d had a chance to enjoy a long talk with him while admiring his work … By the way, does the garden have a name?”

“It doesn’t,” Su’e answered.

“Well then, let’s call it Nemoto Garden. I want to honor your husband, who cherished the Soka Gakkai and protected this center.”

“Thank you. My husband often told me that he could only imagine how hard you must have worked to build community centers throughout Japan. He would talk about how the members in the early days didn’t have centers to hold meetings, so they had to use private homes and be extremely careful not to disturb the neighbors. He would say how fortunate we are now and that we must never take our community centers for granted.”

“That’s wonderful to hear. I am deeply moved.”

Shin’ichi and Mineko then went with Su’e to the caretaker’s office and continued to offer encouragement.

“It must be difficult to overcome the sadness of losing your husband,” Shin’ichi said. “But it’s important to live with a strong spirit. No one can avoid the pain of parting with loved ones. But your husband will always live on in your heart.

“And please think about how your husband would like to see you live. Grieving, depressed and constantly weeping? Or with your head up, looking toward the sun and striving for kosen-rufu on his behalf as well?

“If you are sad, your husband will be sad, too. But how happy he would be to see you rise from the depths of grief, smile and work for kosen-rufu. He would applaud you and be proud. That’s the best way to honor his memory. Be strong and live strong!”

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