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Seeking Spirit

The New Human Revolution, “Seeking Spirit” Chapter, Installment 30

Volume 27, Chapter 4

By Daisaku Ikeda

Shin’ichi began to explain his thoughts logically and methodically: “I think what’s most important in developing one’s true ability is awakening to one’s mission. As Bodhisattvas of the Earth, we have the great mission of realizing kosen-rufu, helping all people become happy and creating a peaceful world. I feel that grounding ourselves in that fundamental sense of mission is the best way to develop our potential. With that awareness, we can set our goals in life and work each day, each month, toward achieving them. Once we know our mission, the motivation, passion and strength to take on any task will emerge.

“Next, I think it’s important to have the spirit of self-improvement. Rather than being self-satisfied and avoiding challenges, we should strive to keep growing and advancing. That is also how we can bring forth creativity and ingenuity.

“Additionally, I feel it’s important that we persevere with patience. Whatever our talents or strengths, they can blossom fully and bear fruit only through consistent effort and experience over time.”

“That’s it!” Toda replied. “You’re absolutely right, Shin’ichi!”

“The first requirement is an awareness of mission. Without that, you won’t have a fundamental sense of purpose or direction in life, becoming lost and unable to show your real abilities. But once you have awakened to your life’s true mission, you can display your potential to the fullest.

“Second is a spirit to improve. Like a young sprout breaking through the earth and bursting forth, you need to have a sincere wish to grow, to challenge yourself and to move forward. Someone who lacks the will to improve cannot be called a youth, even if in their teens or 20s. Youth is another name for the spirit of self-improvement.

“Third is patience. It takes practice and effort over time to hone your innate abilities and make them shine. Toward that end, you need to persevere no matter what.”

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