May Contribution

Thank You for Your Unstinting Support for Kosen-rufu

New York members celebrate the opening of the SGI-USA Brooklyn Buddhist Center, Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. Photo by Anjelica Jardiel

Headshot of Adin StraussThank you, and thank you again for your unstinting support of our SGI-USA May Commemorative Contribution activity. The generosity shown by our wonderful members is humbling and amazing.

Speaking on behalf of the entire national leadership team, we will exert ourselves all the more from this day forward to respond to the trust you have placed in us and ensure that these precious financial resources be used wisely and well for the sake of kosen-rufu.

The COVID-19 wave is subsiding in most parts of the country, and the timing and nature of steps to a prudent and safe reopening of our activities is high on our agenda. At the same time, however, Nichiren Daishonin reminds us poignantly that “the journey from Kamakura to Kyoto takes twelve days. If you travel for eleven but stop with only one day remaining, how can you admire the moon over the capital?” (Letter to Niike,” The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, vol. 1, p. 1026).

For that reason, please take the very best care and employ “your usual prudence” (“The Strategy of the Lotus Sutra,” WND-1, 1000) in keeping yourself and others safe as we head into the latter half of 2021 and onward to the Soka Gakkai’s centennial in 2030.

With utmost appreciation,
Adin Strauss
SGI-USA General Director