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The Power Of One


Each human life is a precious microcosm of the great universe. And within us is the Buddha nature, which, when activated, functions as the courage, wisdom and compassion needed to create a humanistic society that, at its core, respects the dignity of life.

Unless someone awakens to this truth themselves and strives to awaken others, peace remains an empty theory. It is by striving to awaken others to the greatness of their lives that one awakens to their own inherent power.

In the face of the overwhelming reality of our world today, we may wonder: Can I make a difference? Buddhism empowers the individual, illuminating the dynamic potential that surges forth when we decide to stand up as a catalyst for change, regardless of whether the path forward is clear.

SGI President Ikeda states: “We must call forth the power of hope from within the depths of each individual’s life. This is the power that can transform even the most intractable reality.”[1]

One person can bring forth the power of ten thousand, creating ripples of hope and peace throughout society. Everything begins with one step.
“One Youth. Infinite Hope.”

With this as our vision, the SGI-USA will awaken 6,000 new youth in 2020 to their infinite potential, with the awareness that each has a profound mission that they alone can fulfill.


  1. Hope Is a Decision, pp. 104–05. ↩︎

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