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I Am Happy!
Huipok Blount
Denver • Age: 70
Length of practice: 40 years

One day while I was looking for my friend’s house, I knocked on the wrong door and the woman who answered invited me inside to chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. This was in Korea in 1976. I chanted for five minutes and felt so good that when I left, I immediately started telling others about it!

In 1979, I married an American man and moved to the United States. That same year, I received the Gohonzon. I have built so much fortune as a result of my practice. Whenever I need something, it is always there.

After 40 years of practice, I have not forgotten my spirit to share this Buddhism with others. I start by chanting two hours every morning, praying to the Gohonzon that I can meet someone with whom I can share this Buddhism, and then I go out and meet people! My greatest fortune is that I live in an area where I am surrounded by young people.

Every day, I plant many seeds regardless of the reaction I get. I simply ask people whether they are interested in Buddhism and if they say yes, I invite them to a meeting. I enjoy talking to others, carrying out conversations and introducing others to Buddhism. In 2009, I helped 23 people receive the Gohonzon! Last year, toward the 50,000 Lions of Justice Festival, I helped a 23-year-old young man start practicing. He was so excited that he told his friend, who also joined, and they shared with their other friend, who also started practicing. They are all active in the organization. I feel a great sense of responsibility to take care of everyone I introduce, and I often have them come over to chant or we go out to eat. In that way, I keep a friendship with them. So far this year, I have helped three people receive the Gohonzon.

Although I am 70 years old, I don’t feel like it! I still go to SGI activities, and I’m active in my daily life, meeting new people every day. I enjoy my life and can confidently say that I am happy!