50,000 Lions of Justice Festival

Post 50k, Where do we go from here?

Post 50K

A spontaneous intro meeting were held at a group turned up two YD guests came, 1 joined and registered for 50k. Later another YWD , family member decided to registered. Her father was so happy!

You took your Squad to the 50,000 Lions of Justice Festival and had an epic time! Thank you for all your hard work! Now that the festival is over, where do we go from here?

Of course, many of our friends might be interested in learning more about SGI-USA activities, and many may be interested in the philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism. It’s been a long journey, so please get some rest and enjoy yourself!

Invite them to a pizza party, a movie night, or ask them about the festival and what interested them


For those who want to learn more, please invite them to your November district meeting, which will commemorate the 88th anniversary of the Soka Gakkai’s founding!

In fact, in November, the SGI-USA youth plan to gather 20,000 young people (including junior high and high school members and their guests) at discussion meetings throughout the country. Why? To channel the passion and power of the 50K Festival into our front lines and create a powerful surge of change in our country!

SGI President Ikeda says that discussion meetings are “places where people inspire and support one another. As such, they are the main battlefield of kosen-rufu” (The New Human Revolution, vol. 18, p. 253). Let’s bring our friends to the next discussion meeting to give them inspiration and hope!

As President Ikeda writes in his poem “Ode to District Leaders: The Front-Runners of Kosen-rufu”:

The districts
are openhearted families.
The districts
are the community itself.
The districts
are places of human solidarity,
where friends and neighbors
can also join in freely
and unreservedly,
sharing in conversation
and our circle of mutual support.

When the districts
advance vigorously and triumph,
the community itself
will also be enlivened,
enjoying unfailing growth and

(May 25, 2007, World Tribune, p. 2)

(p. 10)